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How CopperPoint Can Save Your Company Money Sharing work safety expertise, saving lives

By Bruce Trethewy, Communications Manager, CopperPoint

In 1925, Arizona’s Legislature established a state compensation fund to protect businesses and injured workers. In 2010, the state directed that agency to become private, which is how CopperPoint Mutual Insurance Company came to be.

Today, CopperPoint Mutual is the state’s premier provider of workers compensation insurance, and a leading expert. As such, the company is a strong advocate for workplace safety, because safe companies save money.

Simply put, CopperPoint helps employers learn best practices for workplace safety. The company’s loss-control experts teach business owners or safety directors how to write a safety plan, then implement and train workers. They walk employers through proper accident investigation techniques and help them to manage their risks and exposure to hazards. These efforts, coupled with consistent training, enables employers to establish a culture of safety among workers, and at the end of the day, everyone goes home safely to their families.

Free Print Materials

As part of its drive to cultivate safe workplaces, CopperPoint provides free workplace safety cards and posters covering a range of industries and topics. Whether a worker is a delivery driver, welder, painter, healthcare professional or roofer, safety cards available in English and Spanish deliver the relevant safety message.

Among the free printed materials are brochures explaining aspects of the workers compensation insurance process, including benefits for injured workers, managing claims, reporting an injury, work comp fraud and strategies for lowering the costs of workers compensation insurance.


A free web collection of streaming videos covering common workplace safety issues also is available for visitors to watch at From eye and hearing safety to kitchen and healthcare work environments, these videos cover the basis of preventing injuries. A few videos can be viewed in Spanish. CopperPoint customers also have access to an exclusive collection of safety training videos as part of their policy benefits.

Pushing a message of workplace safety is more than pinning a safety poster in an employee break room. CopperPoint reaches out to customers and fans via social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Manta to stay connected to community groups, volunteer organizations and Association Safety Program partners.

CopperPoint raises work safety awareness through daily postings at its company blog, At this site, CopperPoint educates and informs readers about local business, human resource issues and wellness programs, along with tips and guidance on workers compensation insurance and workplace safety.

Employers often wear several hats to run their businesses. That’s why provides information from guest bloggers who are local thought leaders in areas of Arizona’s economy, education, human resources and community organizations.

From mapping out cyber security guidelines for employers to putting out a call for vendors interested in grabbing government and Super Bowl business opportunities, provides content that is Arizona-centric. Most posts focus on various aspects of workplace safety and include best practice basics among manufacturing, construction and healthcare industries. Readers also will see a digest of legal briefs that share recent notable Arizona judicial rulings on workers compensation cases.

One of the most interesting sections on explores workplace wellness and what employers might consider using to motivate workers to be good health consumers. CopperPoint, which is recognized locally and nationally for its own wellness program, encourages employers to promote healthful living among employees as one way to cut workers compensation costs: a healthy worker who is injured will recover more quickly, thus reducing the time spent away from work.

In a world of frenetic communications, CopperPoint remains focused on sharing its workers compensation insurance expertise, with and its company social media channels at the forefront of cultivating a culture of workplace safety throughout Arizona.

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