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4 Reasons WordPress Is the Dominator!

by Ryan Belfore and J Belfore, Widely Interactive

The Internet is evolving rapidly; exponentially, in fact. And the ways and means in which people interact with the Internet are evolving just as rapidly. Not only are we bombarded with constant stimuli—information, pictures, videos and video games all over the web—we are accessing the Internet with our phones, tablets and laptops, making it harder than ever for a company to stay relevant with its online presence. Websites need to have fresh and engaging content, and include interactive features such as animated sliders, YouTube videos, social communities and responsive designs just to get noticed. Where does it all end? For most companies, staying current comes at a cost, and I mean that literally. It costs money to stay above the fray in today’s ever-changing online landscape. However, WordPress offers huge advantages in keeping companies up to date. There has been a large adoption rate of WordPress in the past several years, and the rate of usage is accelerating. WordPress’ brand awareness is at an all-time high. There’s a reason for that. First, let’s start with some facts. As cited at, over 18 percent of all websites on the Internet are built in WordPress, and more than 56 percent of websites built with a CMS (content management system) use WordPress. Here’s why. Massive Savings WordPress saves you money. Lots of it. WordPress is built on an incredibly powerful open-source software platform, and it’s free. Furthermore, the platform is supported by 24,000 plug-ins that can expand your site’s capabilities well beyond the basic WordPress software. Want to add social features to your site? How about video sliders, or an SEO package, or a comprehensive contact form, or an image carousel, or any number of additional elements to your site? There’s a plug-in for that. There are plug-ins for more things than you can possibly imagine. And guess what, they’re free! Oh yeah, and they only take five minutes to install and activate.

Myriad of Templates We’ve all heard of template websites where you pick a website layout, choose a few colors, add your logo, a few images and, voila, you have a website. Except the website looks like it was built by your blind nephew, circa 1999. WordPress themes are far different. They offer a robust toolset that includes more bells and whistles than you will probably use. For the cost of $50, you can choose from thousands of “themes.” Themes are essentially fully functional, highly customizable templates that provide a pre-built foundation from which to build your site, saving you hours of time. Using a theme is like giving a fisherman a rod to fish rather than having him use his bare hands. Websites for All Devices With the massive popularity of smartphones and tablets, there has been a paradigm shift with how people access websites. People are viewing websites from all sorts of devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones), each with different screen sizes. Many WordPress themes/templates come equipped with responsive functionality built in, so your website displays properly anywhere, on any device. Easy to Update While it’s possible to build a website yourself even if you are not a web developer, it takes a commitment, and there is a learning curve, especially if you want to utilize all that WordPress has to offer. But regardless of whether you take the time to build the site yourself or you hire a web developer to assist you, maintaining your website is a breeze. Not only does WordPress come with built-in blogging capabilities, which I highly recommend you consider for SEO purposes, it also comes equipped with an easy-to-use CMS allowing you to easily update or edit the content on your site. If you want to change the copy, write a new blog post, swap out an image, add a video or a new page to your site, WordPress makes this process simple. The items listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. So many features surround WordPress to make it a heavyweight in the industry. If you are looking to modernize your website, we highly recommend WordPress.

Ryan Belfore and J Belfore are the co-founders of Widely Interactive, an Airpark company that specializes in the building and marketing of websites. They and their team have built hundreds of websites over the past 11 years. More: