Ultra-reliable Internet Attracts Net-centric Businesses to Airpark

BizProfile_Trapp-smTrapp Connect, a Scottsdale Airpark company, is helping commercial building owners attract more high-tech and e-commerce tenants with fast, always-on Internet connectivity.

Previously available only to data centers, Trapp Connect’s blended bandwidth Internet is now offered to building owners who seek to add smart-building technologies to their properties. Tenants will gain ready access to the redundant and affordable IT infrastructure that today’s net-centric businesses crave.

Trapp Connect’s Internet service for business leverages carrier-class network architecture and a blend of three or more top IP carriers to provide the advantages of improved performance, ultra-reliability and enhanced data security.

“Reliability, performance and data security are the top concerns of companies doing business on the Internet,” says David Trapp, CEO of Trapp Online. ”Trapp Connect improves on all three. It’s like having Verizon, Sprint and AT&T simultaneously active on your smartphone.”

Trapp Connect and parent company Trapp Online, an award-winning cloud hosting provider, moved into the Airpark in 2012 and have tripled in size over the past 15 months.

Born in the Cloud

Trapp Connect grew from a business need recognized seven years ago by entrepreneur David Trapp, the name and driving force behind the Trapp companies.

In 2006, one of Trapp’s clients asked him to host his servers in Trapp’s office. “It was an epiphany,” says Trapp. “I saw the future of professional services delivered remotely in the cloud with 24/7 access to client files.” Trapp Online was born.

Trapp Online now provides reliable online hosting solutions for professionals, application service providers and small to mid-sized businesses around the world.

Reliable Internet to the Rescue

With a hypersensitivity to reliability and data security, Trapp over-engineered and overbuilt his hosting platform as Trapp Online added more clients to the service. “I couldn’t tolerate downtime for my clients. So we built connectivity that wouldn’t fail,” he says.

A few years later, several data center clients in the midst of an Internet outage came to Trapp Online pleading to connect them to its always-on Internet. Trapp again recognized the need and organized Trapp Connect to offer constant, reliable Internet connectivity for business.

All-in-One IT Services

This year, in response to client requests for additional IT services, Trapp organized Trapp Tech to provide IT consulting and IT managed services. With access to the Trapp Online and Trapp Connect products and resources, the company provides an all-in-one IT solution, including Cloud, Internet, and remote hands services for Airpark businesses.

The trio of companies is now in the process of expanding to 10,000 square feet in the Airpark, with additional space at three interconnected data centers. Through strategic partnerships with zColo, a global provider of bandwidth services, and Chandler’s NextFort modular data center, Trapp Connect is expanding its carrier-neutral Internet service nationwide.

With more than 2,000 clients and 12,000-plus users, the Trapp companies are making noise as fast-growing providers of uninterrupted connectivity, dedicated cloud hosting, and IT managed services.

Smart Buildings

Internet service from Trapp Connect gives business customers the flexibility to withstand carrier outages and performance problems by automatically adapting to changes in the Internet.

In addition, an ultra-reliable Internet framework enables a host of smart-building technologies such as VoIP, HVAC and lighting control, power management, video surveillance, A/V systems, and unified communications.

Attract More Tenants

Buildings “lit up” with Trapp Connect can include advanced IT infrastructure as an attractive feature of the property. Owners can bundle Internet, phone service and other smart-building features with the lease.

“Constant, reliable connectivity appeals to all businesses lacking the resources to build carrier-class infrastructure,” says Cody Engilman, director of sales and marketing. “Any building with this technology is going to have an advantage in attracting and retaining clients.”

More: Cody Engilman, director of sales and marketing, 877-903-1670, Cody@trappconnect.com.