The Video Vixen: 30-Day Challenge … Are You In?

By Jessa Mendoza,

Nowadays, it’s hard to pass through my Facebook feed without coming across some sort of 30-day challenge. Just the other day I was having lunch with the boys (my coworkers) and they were talking about a 30-day challenge of discipline they had begun. Each day there was a long list of tedious tasks that needed to be completed. Some quite normal, some just absurd, and some that were flat-out unspeakable, even for me.

Regardless of the comical aspect of their ridiculous routine, it got me thinking about how repetition often morphs into habit. If a 30-day challenge can make you fit or teach you discipline, then it can certainly make you a content marketing guru (okay, lets say a micro-guru)!

Don’t know where to start? Then it’s time you join me for a 30-day challenge that will have your creative senses wanting more.

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In the meantime, here is a little tease on the topics I’ll cover. These should awaken your content marketing appetite:

STEP 1: Commit to a bi-weekly video post

For those who already have an existing blog on your website, it’s time to commit to it. As an entrepreneur, I am sure innovative thoughts run through your mind on a weekly basis. Start writing them down. You never know where the inspiration for your next video post will come from, but they’re often from conversations in the marketplace.

VIDEO VIXEN TIP: LinkedIn is my best friend when it comes to developing content ideas. It not only keeps me informed about my industry, but also keeps my mental mill churning out new approaches to already-existing ideas.

STEP 2: Keep a mindset of modification

If content is a new arena for you, then you need to stay nimble and flexible. Now that you are committed to a regular video schedule, you also need to commit to analyzing your consumer consumption habits. Take notice which of your videos are getting the highest amount of engagement (i.e., views, length of time watched, shares, comments).

VIDEO VIXEN TIP: Google Analytics will be your best friend as you embark on a new video marketing strategy. Join my 30-day challenge and I’ll teach you how to pull and analyze your customers.

STEP 3: Turn your sales funnel into your marketing strategy

There is no one who knows your sales funnel better then you. You should turn those sales conversion points into video marketing opportunities so that a potential customer can find what they need to covert at the exact moment they need it, which is when they are most ready to buy.

VIDEO VIXEN TIP: I always find that the most difficult part of closing a sale is the time it takes to get in the same room with the key decision makers. Luckily, with video, you can now turn your pitch into several content pieces that can feature product, staff and your unique selling proposition.

For more information on these and other tips you’ll learn at The Video Vixen: 30-Day Content Marketing Challenge check out the promo video on my YouTube page ( I look forward to seeing you in class!

Jessa Mendoza is vice president of operations and content development at, a Scottsdale Airpark-based video content marketing company that develops strategically optimized video campaigns that convert targeted Internet audiences into customers. Contact: