The Sacrifices Made

The Sacrifices Made

Mission2Alpha is dedicated to aiding first responders

By Megan Child

First responders throughout the Valley leave the comfort of their homes each day to aid those who are suffering from coronavirus.

Mission2Alpha, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to serving injured military personnel along with first responders, recently donated $500 worth of meals to the Scottsdale Police Department from The Rooster Tavern to show thanks and appreciation.

John Greenway, the founder and executive director of Mission2Alpha, expressed his gratitude and concerns when discussing the unfortunate circumstances that have befallen first responders throughout this time of crisis.

“The owner of The Rooster Tavern is a real patriot, and when discussing a plan about what we could do for first responders across the Valley, we came up with the idea to collaborate both of our establishments as a way to say ‘thank you,’” Greenway says.

First responders have their own families to care for and could spread the coronavirus from their health care facilities to home.

“Having to deal with that ‘unknown’ every day must be extremely difficult and nerve-wracking,” Greenway says.

Representatives of Mission2Alpha also sent an abundance of coffee and energy beverages, including 90 Monsters and 130 Keurig K-Cup pods, to the night shift security forces at the 161st squadron located in the Air Force Base at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

“First responders deserve a whole lot more than what we are able to provide for them, although we try to express our gratitude in a small yet impactful way,” Greenway says.

Mission2Alpha strongly believes that if individuals wear gear or a uniform to serve the public, whether they provide overseas or locally, their job is a selfless sacrifice as well as the definition of a hero.

In addition to the Scottsdale Police Department, the institution has donated various funds to the Firefighters Cancer Support Network and the Phoenix Police Reserves Foundation. Mission2Alpha plans to remotely contribute to more first-responder organizations by delivering meals to a Scottsdale fire station.

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