The New Social Lubricant

By Jessa Mendoza,

It’s a New Year, so when it comes to your video content resolution I say, “It’s time to lube up!” That’s right! Video is the new social lubricant that is going to give you broader influence over your core demographic.

Like any good escapade, you can develop a flawless plan, but if the timing is not just right, you will fail. Believe it or not, content marketing is the biggest threat to content marketing. So before you start roaring your engine, let’s do a quick tune-up of your video content strategy.


If you’ve done your homework on content marketing, then you’ve come across the infamous “CONTENT IS KING” phrase. Forget that! If content is king then CONTEXT IS QUEEN and we all know women dominate (I like to, at least)!

VIDEO VIXEN TIP: Yes, quality content is key but that’s not going to get you far if it’s not relevant to where your customer is in the sales funnel. Put your role-playing hat on and get a feel for your customer’s needs and wants at every phase. That’s the content you need to be producing.


Who wants to get in bed with a business that doesn’t have authority? (Not me!) There’s no one that understands your prospects better than you. So take charge and deploy content that will get your audience viewing you as an influencer.

VIDEO VIXEN TIP: Video is ideal for eliciting the emotion you need to convert. Use your passion to get the rise you need from your audience. If you know they should care about something and clearly display why, then they will.


You can’t be a one-hit wonder when it comes to content marketing. You’ve got to be your prospect’s partner that consistently shows up in order to nurture a long-lasting relationship with them. This means building dynamic experiences across each of the platforms they consume content.

VIDEO VIXEN TIP: Yes, how you tell your story is just as important as the story you choose to tell, but (listen closely!) you must also understand where your story is being told. We are now multiplatform viewers; consuming content across desktops, mobile devices and connected TVs. Those are important elements to factor into your content strategy.


Successful influencers, who ultimately close deals, know how to use video as their social lubricant to increase available audience (prospects). Video can and will increase your blog readership, email lists and social following. So, what are you waiting for?

Jessa Mendoza is vice president of operations and content development at, a Scottsdale Airpark-based video content marketing company that develops strategically optimized video campaigns to convert targeted Internet audiences into customers. Contact: