By Eric Olsen, Fasturtle

With the recent buzz about its upcoming IPO, Twitter is getting even more awareness from business owners and the general public alike.

Did you know that as of this article, Twitter has over 500 million users with an estimated 218.3 million of them considered active users?

Businesses of any size can interact and form strong connections with customers and potential customers on Twitter.

Twitter is an excellent tool to include in your campaign for social media marketing, as it allows you to instantly share information, interact and form strong connections with new customers. Although it only allows you to share 140 character messages, businesses in a variety of industries have found much success with the medium, and you can too.

The following is a list of tips to consider when using Twitter to connect with new customers:

• Search Your Business Name. By typing your name into the search bar on Twitter, you are given immediate access to valuable customer conversations regarding your business. These insights are highly beneficial as they allow you to learn about what things you are doing well and what you can improve upon. You can also address any questions or complaints immediately. Hiring content writers to draft friendly, professional responses shows customers that you truly care about them, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

• Search Your Competitors. Entering the names of competitors into the Twitter search bar will also provide you with helpful insights. You will be able to keep up with the new things competitors are doing, as well as the way they are interacting and promoting themselves. You will also be able to get a feel for the customer-satisfaction levels provided by your competitors. If you notice that your competitors have a number of unhappy customers, this may be a great opportunity for you to convert some of these individuals into your customers. For example, have your content writers offer these unsatisfied individuals great deals or offers for switching.

• Perform Relevant Keyword Research. After performing relevant keyword research, you will have knowledge of the words and phrases most used when searching your business and industry. You can then search for these keywords on Twitter to see the audience that has an interest in these topics, and view the discussions, articles and photos shared. This helps you to improve and evolve the products and services your business offers as you gain a better understanding of your market and their interests.

• Create Relevant Content. After viewing relevant conversations on Twitter, you now know the types of content that your followers are interested in. You should then consider working with an online marketing firm to develop topics. Professional content writers at these firms will provide you with fresh, interesting content for your social media marketing pages, blog, website and more.

• Auto Respond to Followers. Twitter is a medium that requires an almost immediate response time. It’s obviously impossible for content writers to work on social media marketing around the clock, so the best way to ensure a timely response to each follower is to employ an auto responder. Sending automated welcome messages to new followers is very easy, and can go a long way in developing a customer relationship.

• Tweet Often. Like many forms of marketing, you need to rise above the noise. Too many businesses set up a campaign to post once a week or link their weekly blogs to their Twitter accounts, and then they check out mentally. It is vital for the success of your Twitter marketing campaign and brand to have consistent and frequent tweets. Consider using a schedule that incorporates a basic calendar via a third-party solution like HootSuite or as a marketer using Twitter Ad Products.

Implementing these tips will help you to best interact and form strong connections with both customers and potential customers on Twitter.


Eric Olsen founded Airpark-based digital marketing firm Fasturtle to provide small-business owners with strategic marketing solutions. More: 480-348-0467;; Twitter @ericsolsen; @fasturtle;