Property Expert: Suzanne Enright helps commercial real estate clients achieve success

Property Expert: Suzanne Enright helps commercial real estate clients achieve success

By Kamala Kirk

As a senior associate at the top commercial real estate services company in the Airpark, Suzanne Enright has spent the past 21 years providing clients with successful results.

She was invited to join the team at Shell Commercial in 2010 by her longtime friend John Quatrini, who is an associate broker at the company.

“John and I have been friends for over 20 years,” Enright says. “We were chatting one day about why I was in real estate school studying for my license. My husband and I had almost a dozen rental properties that a management company took care of. We joked that one of us should get our real estate license to leverage our expertise, and I decided that would be me.”

Prior to joining the team, Enright began her career selling copy machines at Eastman Kodak before working at Vision Graphics, an award-winning commercial printing company. Born and raised in New York, Enright attended ASU before returning to her home state to finish college. Her family began migrating to Arizona, and she eventually followed suit.

“I knew I’d be back out here. I always loved it,” Enright says.

After Enright earned her real estate license, Quatrini says that he was looking for someone to join his team at Shell Commercial because business was flourishing. Enright, who had previously worked in sales, jumped at the opportunity and has been with the company ever since.

“It worked out perfectly. We’ve been a team this entire time,” Enright says. “We’re a small boutique firm, but we’re really powerful and we have a huge presence in the Scottsdale Airpark. We represent sellers, buyers, investors, landlords and tenants. We do it all, which enables us to see all sides of transactions.”

Enright regularly works out in the field, showing and touring properties that are available for sale or lease. Her areas of expertise include investing, sales and leasing for buyer and seller representation, tenant and landlord representation, marketing, location intelligence and contract negotiations. She specializes in office, industrial, retail, religious facilities and school properties and always makes it a point to figure out what her clients are looking for so she can help them find the perfect property quickly.

“I ask a lot of questions to narrow down the requirement,” Enright says. “There’s no reason to show a client dozens of spaces causing confusion. I make sure to find out the key features of their space requirements, from parking spaces to conferences rooms, and work hard to match their space requirements with building features and benefits.”

Founded by Randy Shell, Shell Commercial has built a reputation for its local expertise and in-depth market knowledge, along with a proven track record of providing clients with successful results. Its scope of work takes them Valleywide representing and touring clients through properties. They have established long-term relationships with other real estate agents in the area.

“We have a huge presence in the entire Valley, and people know us in the community,” Enright says. “If another agent has a client who wants to see one of our properties and can’t be present, we’re more than happy to meet with their client and show the space. Agents trust us and feel comfortable with us.”

Shell, Quatrini and Enright are the top three agents in the Airpark, based on volume and real estate transactions. They approach each transaction with dedication and work hard to achieve success for their client. Enright has received numerous awards including the prestigious U.S. West Winners Circle Award, ranking No. 1 in the nation for performance.

“In addition to our experience and knowledge, we always put our clients first,” Enright says. “We negotiate deals on their behalf and take care of them as if they were our own family members. It’s important when you’re helping someone grow their business to find out what their goals are and where they want to be in the next three to five years. I think that’s so important and separates us from the rest.”

Despite the pandemic, Shell Commercial has remained busier.

“We were considered essential workers, so I never stopped working,” Enright says. “I was out there showing properties the entire time. Initially the office market took a hit, but the industrial market has been on fire ever since. In the beginning, there was a lot of subleasing going on when COVID hit, but in the past month I have been doing lease after lease of office spaces. People are constantly calling me. We are receiving multiple offers on properties for sale, and I have several buyers for office and industrial properties as well. It’s been incredible.”

Enright is also passionate about churches and, along with Quatrini, she runs Arizona Church Brokers, which specializes in church, school and religious facilities transactions.

“John and I help a lot of schools and churches, and we love working with pastors,” Enright says. “That’s our passion, to help them find the church or building they want to grow in. We’ve worked with over 100 churches of many different denominations.

“We know a lot about industrial buildings and guide them on the benefits of steeple church buildings versus industrial space. We provide solutions and out-of-the-box thinking when developing a plan in finding the right facility that other agents don’t know how to do. We can assess church resources, programming needs and counsel them on building campaign strategies. We pray over our client transactions, and we’ve had many miracles happen over the past few years. It’s been pretty amazing to work in this industry the way that we do.”

Enright shared her favorite Scripture: “Nehemiah 2:20. The God of Heaven he will prosper us, therefore we his servants will arise and build.”

Enright looks forward to continuing to serve her clients and their property needs, in addition to assisting schools and churches prosper. One of her favorite things about working in the industry is helping others grow and achieve success.

“I love working at Shell Commercial. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else,” Enright says. “I love meeting so many interesting people and working with different businesses all day long. I’m always looking to support others in their endeavors. I see it as my life work to help businesses grow, take care of their families and prosper.” ν

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