Mountainside Fitness donates $100K to coronavirus relief fund

Mountainside Fitness donates $100K to coronavirus relief fund

The state-mandated closures surrounding COVID-19 caused extreme financial hardships to big and small businesses across Arizona, and that doesn’t even compare to the hundreds of lives lost during this pandemic.

Wanting to do its part financially and responsibly, Mountainside Fitness made a $100,000 donation to the Arizona Coronavirus Relief Fund.

Tom Hatten, CEO and founder of Mountainside Fitness, says the company chose the state’s coronavirus relief fund because it helps organizations and people who are on the front lines and struggling as result of COVID-19.

“We wanted to make the biggest impact we could and help as many people as possible,” Hatten says. “This is the fund that is helping people throughout the state right now who are in all kinds of immediate desperate situations as of result of this pandemic.”