Karma charges into the Scottsdale Airpark

Karma charges into the Scottsdale Airpark

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski\

Jon Parske has become accustomed to people pointing and staring at him in the last month. 

Parske is the general manager of Karma Scottsdale, the Airpark-based dealership with the exclusive rights to sell the luxury electric vehicle in Arizona.

“The one thing that’s drawn me to Karma is it’s the only vehicle I’ve ever driven that every single person who sees it turns their head,” Parske says.

“The lines are unbelievably elegant. For that, it immediately turns heads. Karma is a car manufacturer. Tesla is an electronics company. That’s why Tesla is in the mall. Karma has a great fit and finish. It’s on the same level as Bentley and Rolls-Royce.”

The sleek cars, which start at $144,000, feature an elegant exterior design, along with an interior made of sustainably sourced, high-quality materials that are completely customizable.

“When clients are purchasing a car, they can pick out colors and woods,” Parske says. “If you wanted to lay your whole vehicle in mother of pearl instead of normal wood, Karma will source the product. You can customize your vehicle.

“The cars are built in California, so there’s less wait time. It’s a max of four to six weeks, versus three to six months. We have our regular paint choices, but if you want to paint it a certain color, they’ll do that as well. We’ll paint it whatever color you want if you’re willing to pay for it.”

Anyone driving under 50 miles a day will never need gas, and those driving more will get 300 miles per battery charge with the Revero and up to 360 miles with the Revero GT.

“The one thing that stands out for me is the owners of electric cars have ‘range anxiety,’” he says. “If they’re taking it to California or up north, a lot of the time Tesla owners try to plan when they have to stop to charge. They worry about if a charging station is available and the wait time.”

Karma boasts a four-cylinder BMW engine that works as an alternator. It has an electric port and a gas tank.

“If you don’t have time to charge or sit in line, you just throw 10 gallons of gas in the vehicle and it works as an alternator and recharges the vehicle,” Parske says.

“It shoots the range up to 360 miles. It’s not a hybrid. You can literally drive the car from California to the East Coast and never stop to charge the vehicles. That’s the big thing compared to Tesla. They get that range anxiety.”

Parske manned a Karma booth at last month’s Barrett-Jackson to get the word out there.

“Once people actually see the car and drive the vehicle, they’re blown away,” Parske says. “I try to drive on as my daily drive. At stop signs and lights, people ask me to roll the window down and tell them what it is. The designers came from Ferrari and other high-end exotics.

“The way it drives, not everyone’s going to have one. Most consumers like that exclusivity.”

Parske partnered with Karma North America about a year ago. He obtained the new car license about a month ago, and he delivered the first Karma in mid-March. In 2020, Karma added more than 16 new dealer partners globally.

“They were really looking for like-minded people to partner with,” Parske says. “We fit the bill. We had a client we’ve dealt with who had purchased a Karma out in California. They were hitting high-end independents like ourselves. With Karma, you’re not going to park next to another at Whole Foods. They only make a few thousand a year.”

Formerly with Penske, Parske is the general manager of Auto House, which has 600 cars in stock in Tempe, Peoria and Scottsdale.

“We’re on a mission to change the perception of buying vehicles,” he says. “When I started with Penske in 2000, it was more about building relationships and changing the perception of buying a vehicle.

“Clients stay with the same person throughout the whole process, instead of 10 people. We brought that into Karma, too. Whether someone’s buying a $10,000 car or a $150,000 car, we treat them the same. We want them to enjoy purchasing a vehicle and not feel like they’re hitting their head against the wall.” ν

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