Family Affair: Data Sales provides ‘booster rocket’ of IT financing for young companies

Family Affair: Data Sales provides ‘booster rocket’ of IT financing for young companies

By Alison Stanton

In 1973, Ron Breckner founded Data Sales, a business that offers specialty finance and IT asset disposition services.

In 1988, the company became one of the first to move into the Scottsdale Airpark.

During its almost 50 years, Data Sales has seen a number of family members work at the company — a tradition that is still going strong.

Although Ron Breckner died in 2020, his wife, Judith, is still active on the company’s board. Their son, Bill, is vice president and general manager of the Scottsdale Airpark location, and their son, Bob, is vice president at the company’s Minnesota location. Sibling Paul is chief executive officer and Jane Pederson is vice president.

“The second generation is now running the company, with the third generation just entering the business,” says Bill, who, along with his family, enjoys being part of the vibrant Scottsdale Airpark.

“It’s a great location and fun to watch the growth here.”

Since its inception, Bob says Data Sales purchased, sold and traded IT hardware, including IBM mainframe and peripherals, parts and support services. They have also offered equipment leasing for over four decades.

Today, Data Sales focuses on two main services: specialty financing and ITAD services.

“A big chunk of what we do with specialty financing is to help provide capital to young and fast-growing companies who want to build out their IT infrastructure and who are looking for what we like to call the large booster rocket of financing to help them get to the next level,” Bob says.

These new companies are typically owned by young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in the United States, Canada and the Netherlands.

“They are looking to establish themselves into the market and become the next unicorn, and it’s really fun to see that and to assist with that.”

The ITAD services include IT equipment “take outs,” which, Bill says, includes data center removals for servers, storage and switching out equipment like personal computers, printers and tablets.

“We offer equipment recycling and ensure proper disposal, and we are also proud to be certified in ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001,” Bill says.

Bob says he is thrilled to be part of a family-owned company that has grown and flourished for almost 50 years. Loyal clients have worked with them for decades.

He is also proud of his brother, Bill, who was injured in a diving accident in 1982 and, despite being paralyzed from the chest down and using a wheelchair, still reports to work every day.

“Bill is an inspiration to all of us, and he shows how attitude and determination can help overcome anything,” Bob says.


Data Sales

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