AUGUST Business Horoscope

By Weiss Kelly, PMAFA

Whether you’re a small-business owner or have other career aspirations, insights into how the planets influence your work month can help you plan for maximum performance and project success.

ARIES 3/21-4/19 It will take more than talking or thinking to get projects off your drawing board. This month, it will take hard work and sheer determination. Don’t let the Full Moon on the 10th deter your focus. The week of the 17th requires your full attention and follow-through. The 19th is ideal for mixing social time with work time. Arrange meetings, a luncheon date or just make contacts with alliances. The last week is more productive for both work and personal goals.

TAURUS 4/20-5/20 August’s pace gives you time to consider options for business and job opportunities. No need to respond immediately (1st-10th). It’s OK to take time off for pleasure (1st-16th). The workplace heats up after the 18th. The second half of 2014’s changes may require more flexibility in your thinking and a revamped approach to doing things.

GEMINI 5/21-6/21 Since 2011, you’ve had your share of challenges. And last month’s mental trials likely resulted in clarity or a change in the work pattern. A planetary move this month allows you to be more creative. You are never at a loss for words. Things may get off to a slow start, but momentum picks up by midmonth. You get a new perspective as circumstances change with the New Moon on the 25th. And you are doing what you do best: selling yourself.

CANCER 6/22-7/22 You’ve had a good run in 2013-2014 and hopefully took advantage of every opportunity that came your way. August’s aspects favor creative financing vs. digging into savings for pleasure trips. Time off for leisure or family is OK until the 23rd. Then it’s time to get your focus back to the office. Expect changes in your workweek itinerary.

LEO 7/23-8/22 It’s about time you had a breakthrough, and this month you have the motivation to come up with ideas. The next 12 months ahead are lucky (meaning opportunities will present themselves, but it’s up to you to take action). The 8th and 9th encourage you to implement changes so that you can move forward. The week of the 18th focuses on earning potential, with primo connections and openings continuing for the next four weeks.

VIRGO 8/23-9/22 You are productive, a hard worker, a perfectionist, and as soon as you reach a goal, you’re already planning your next one. The early part of this month should be spent more on relaxation and personal pleasure or family enjoyment. The later part of August requires give and take in the workplace when dealing with the needs of others. The sun moving into your own sign on the 23rd increases your physical energy and motivation, so expect to accomplish more in less time.

LIBRA 9/23-10/22 Is big money the equivalent of success and happiness? Are you what you are or what you have? These are the kinds of questions you’ll be asking yourself the first couple of weeks. The planet Jupiter (abundance) has moved into Leo, and this transit is often a sign of wasteful spending or overindulgence. The first half of the month encourages you to implement financial changes. Focus is on earning potential for the next several weeks. But wait. All work and no play is not August’s theme. A bit of self-indulgence can be therapeutic, so book that flight but plan on returning before the 23rd.

SCORPIO 10/23-11/21 Work this month can be demanding, but nothing you can’t control. Saturn’s recent shift releases professional and personal pressures. You can meet your goals more effectively by working cooperatively with others. Team action is the watchword. Create a balance between your own self-interests and other people’s—whether it is a partnership, a corporate issue or an individual client. Get physically active to release frustrations.

SAGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21 Cooperation brings harmony as you start out your workweek. Travel-related plans are enjoyable, and mixing a bit of personal time off with work schedules can be accomplished with little interference. Watch out for the Full Moon on the 10th: Don’t push an issue or speak out prematurely. If you work hard and trust your feelings on a matter around the third week, nothing will prevent you from being successful. Arrange a presentation for the 18th-19th.

CAPRICORN 12/22-1/19 Start out the month by arranging a number of luncheon dates with clients or associates. The Leo sun supports a bit of networking, and investing your personal time in relevant social events will not be a waste. The emphasis is on creative marketing. It takes effort to attract quality people. Your workload increases by the 25th. Expect to put in extra time the last week of the month, and your efforts will be worthwhile.

AQUARIUS 1/20-2/18 Interacting with others in all arenas is a top priority this month. A major planetary change that continues for the next 12 months introduces others into your professional world. Pay attention to them, as they will have much to offer you. Polish up your people skills this month so you look and act your best, especially during the Full Moon on the 10th when first impressions will count for a lot. Finances are highlighted beginning on the 18th. The next few months are favorable for forming a partnership or embarking on a project with others.

PISCES 2/19-3/20 Look for enhanced opportunities and people whose energy inspires and encourages you. Get out using all forms of communication. This is the year to let go of what is not working and start a new work phase, one that will make you happier. Start that plan now. Use your imagination and networking contacts (16th-31st) and stay on task. The forced discipline of the last few years pays off within the next few months. Be detailed and serious minded … and stay on task.