All is Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa

Scottsdale Princess partners with Trilogy Spa Holdings and expands spa into the ‘intentional living arena’

By Kimberly Hundley

Photos courtesy of Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

willowWhen folks at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess began discussing changes last year to the resort’s acclaimed spa, talk turned to how Willow Stream Spa could anticipate where the industry was going and differentiate its offerings among the “competitive set” as well as local spas.

Emerging trends around the world pointed to a comprehensive wellness approach vs. a sole focus on luxury relaxation.

“The idea being that groups, companies, individuals—everyone is realizing health care costs are on the rise, and it’s far better to be an active proponent of your own health,” says Brennan Evans, the spa’s managing director. “Stress is such a huge factor of your total well-being, the spa could play a much greater role in helping people be proactive. It could be a one-stop shopping experience where you could touch on the many facets of health and wellness.”

The concept was also a savvy fit with the resort’s target client. “Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, does a high volume of group business—65 percent of our total business is group related, and the rest is luxury leisure travel,” says Evans. An ability to emphasize health benefits to companies looking for a retreat destination counteracts the dreaded AIG Effect. “It allowed groups to say, ‘We can be more on board with investing in this if there is truly a health benefit to our employees, and they can come here for an event, reduce stress levels and develop better as a team.’ That’s far different than saying, ‘We’re footing the bill for a luxurious facial and massage.’”

Whole Health

To develop the new spa concept, the Fairmont partnered with Trilogy Spa Holdings, which manages the “Well & Being” brand, embracing a foundation of whole health, inspiring guests to be healthy, balanced and more energetic versions of themselves. The spa’s also has a new name, Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa, the first luxury resort in the United States to implement Well & Being’s medically guided and customized wellness experience at its spa, combining health, wellness, nutrition, integrative medicine, fitness and advanced skincare.

Jack Miller, general manager of the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, said it was important to find a partner to “build upon the luxurious Willow Stream Spa experience and expand services into the wellness/intentional living arena.”

Services and programs are offered a la carte or as part of a package for overnight resort guests, spa day guests and for convention groups. Locals who purchase any spa treatment are welcome to attend a variety of fitness and other classes at no charge.

Guests may take advantage of as much or as little of the menu of wellness tools and experiences as they choose.

New Offerings

The array of new services ranges from diagnostic health tests and targeted skincare treatments, to acupuncture, massage, aromatherapy and traditional Eastern therapies. Additionally, Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa now offers cooking classes, guest lectures, and popular fitness programs, including mind-body offerings encompassing traditional and cutting-edge yoga, Pilates and movement classes.

Along with all of the new offerings, the spa menu of services expanded with an even greater variety of massage, body and skincare treatments. Spa-goers can still simply enjoy a massage and manicure, as well as local treatments such as the Havasupai Falls Rejuvenation and the Hacienda Retreat body polish.

Under the direction of integrative medicine expert Tieraona Low Dog, M.D., Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa has its own medical doctor and a certified integrative medicine practitioner on staff to implement a specialized holistic approach toward healthy living and lifestyle.


The spa has also expanded its fitness facilities, dedicating several studio spaces to yoga, meditation, tai chi and breath work, reinforcing the emphasis on intentional living and mind and body balance. One of the most popular new yoga offerings—especially for corporate groups—is Aerial Yoga, where yoga poses are done with the support of a suspended sling to allow for great stretch and more inversion, promoting circulation and flexibility.

The facility also offers a wide range of fitness equipment and programs such as TRX Suspension Training, CrossFit, and immersive Rip Surfer Classes, in which participants balance on a board attached to inflated balls, simulating the surfboarding experience—complete with videos of Hawaii-beach waves.

“People can act like they are surfing the wave. Fun is very important to these people. You don’t want it to be too hardcore, heavy or intense,” says  Evans. “Everybody has priorities and deadlines. If we can help provide a respite from that, that in and of itself is a really great thing.”

A recent addition this summer is Floor Thai Massage, also called “lazy man’s yoga.” Participants, who sit on a futon mat and wear loose-fitting clothing, are stretched out by the therapist, who applies pressure with hands, feet, body, etc.

Already, Willow Stream has seen a lot of traction among clients with the new fitness and group exercise programs. “We’ve pretty much doubled the number of classes,” Evans says.

Along with the fitness programs, the spa boutique has been expanded, creating a “lifestyle” shopping experience featuring performance-based product lines such as Radical Skincare, Naturopathica, Body Bliss and Willow Stream Ener-G.

The spa’s salon is now a stand-alone facility, directly adjacent to the spa, with a dedicated nail and pedicure lounge, and hair and makeup services.

Capturing the essence, elegance and energy of its surroundings, the 44,000 square-foot Well & Being at Willow Stream Spa offers 30 treatment and wellness consultation rooms, a full-service salon, fitness studios, a rooftop oasis pool and light, nutritious meals. Separate men’s and women’s locker rooms include steam rooms, saunas, eucalyptus inhalation rooms, and relaxation pools. Inspired by the stunning aquamarine beauty of the Havasupai Falls, a hidden oasis deep in the Grand Canyon, Willow Stream’s design and architectural accents highlight a three-story therapeutic waterfall, Sedona sandstone, river rock, fountains, streams, gardens and natural light throughout the facility.

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