Airpark-based CloSYS Expands Nationwide onto Walmart Shelves

Airpark-based CloSYS Expands Nationwide onto Walmart Shelves

Premium-products sector growing quickly in oral-care market

The oral-care product line CloSYS Oral Health hits the shelves of 1,300 select Walmart stores nationwide this month. Scottsdale Airpark-based Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, the makers of CloSYS, is excited about the new growth.

“We truly have products that can positively affect your health and, with the increase in demand, comes the need for balancing our distribution opportunities,” says Andy Gritti, executive vice president for Rowpar Pharmaceuticals. “Strategically our products are better positioned in drugstores like Walgreens and CVS. So when Walmart called and pleaded with us to include CloSYS products in stores that supported our demographic profile, we knew we were making some positive noise.”

Intitially, Gritti had turned down Walmart’s offer because he didn’t believe Rowpar’s premium-priced product was a good fit with a low-cost chain, but the megastore convinced him otherwise, explaining that—like many chains—Walmart looks at its stores in “clusters” based on consumer demographics and spending habits, and some of those clusters would be a strong match.

“In this case, they analyzed the oral-care category and the pharmacy customers purchasing habits and have now dedicated shelf space to the premium-priced specialty products in stores that fit a certain profile … We know consumers, as creatures of habit, like to purchase many of their core household items at their favorite retailer, and if their favorite retailer was Walmart we could be missing out on some potential sales,” Gritti says. “As a note, the premium/specialty oral-care products are the fastest-growing segment of the oral-care category, and Walmart, being the highly intelligent retailer they are, wants in on that action.”

In general, drugstores tend to have more selection as a way to differentiate themselves, so Rowpar’s products are a better fit with those types of chains, he adds. “Even today, many of the grocery chains and big box stores tend to stick to a limited selection, which is problematic for us.”

The CloSYS Difference

The CloSYS Oral Health System is comprised of Alcohol-Free Oral Health Rinse, Fresh Breath Oral Spray and CloSYS Sulfate-Free Toothpaste (available with fluoride or fluoride-free). All the products are free of alcohol and sulfates, and are pH balanced. CloSYS’s target market is adults as well as children and elders who are seeking a natural approach to better health.

The late Dr. Perry Ratcliff, a periodontist and expert on dental health and gum disease, joined with other dental professionals to found Rowpar Pharmaceuticals Inc. in 1991. During Ratcliff’s 50-plus years of clinical practice, he discovered that stabilized chlorine dioxide helped to significantly reduce the harmful bacteria in the mouths of his patients. This discovery led him to create the patented ingredient Cloralstan, the active ingredient that makes CloSYS unique.
Cloralstan kills 99.9 percent of bacteria in 10 seconds and prevents their re-growth to protect the body from health issues, according to the company.

“I frequently like to call the CloSYS products the ‘uncola’ of oral care because of their unique differences,” says Gritti. “Most oral-care products on the market today are cover-ups, at best, that really just burn and foam so you think something is going on. CloSYS doesn’t burn, stain or irritate your mouth, yet it’s excellent for those with any kind of gum issues or even for eliminating bad breath. Our real-life customer reviews on Amazon probably do a better job of describing our product than even I do.”

R&D in Scottsdale

Rowpar Pharmaceuticals’ Scottsdale office is a research and development organization dedicated to providing innovative oral health solutions. Rowpar services the dental, healthcare and consumer markets, and has become a recognized leader in the focus on overall health through oral health, says Gritti. The company sells its oral care products throughout the United States at dental offices, retail outlets and online.

CloSYS products may be purchased online at, Amazon or, or at retailers such as Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy, or through a dental professional. All products of the CloSYS Oral Health System are available without a prescription.

While Gritti acknowledges the addition of Walmart as a distributor is a coup for the company, he points out that the cost of entry into most chains is huge—hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for a national chain exposure. The formula for long-term success is to find locations that truly support Rowar’s type of products so they can stay on the shelf and not end up being discontinued a year later.

“In my opinion, getting into a retail chain is not the biggest challenge to a consumer products company,” he says. “With enough money and a decent product, almost anyone can convince a buyer to give them a shot. It’s staying on the shelf and earning your keep that is the hard part.”

None of the success or even the interest of Walmart would have happened without the demand by consumers for better oral care products, he adds. “Consumers are always looking for ways that can truly deliver positive results, and especially when it comes to their own health.”

What makes CloSYS Oral Health Product unique?

1. CloSYS attacks the bacteria that cause plaque build-up and gum disease without killing other bacteria important to digestion and a healthy mouth.

2. CloSYS kills these harmful bacteria quickly and effectively and inhibits their regrowth.

3. CloSYS does not harm cells and functions associated with healing and healthy tissue.

4. CloSYS oxides volatile sulfur compounds that enable oral infections to occur and eliminates bad breath instantly. Not a cover-up.

5. CloSYS toothpastes do not contain sulfates (foaming agents) found to irritate oral tissue. CloSYS toothpastes do not contain triclosan, a controversial ingredient set to be banned by Walmart, Target and other leading retailers.

6. CloSYS toothpaste isn’t as abrasive as competitors’ products, an important feature for those concerned about tooth enamel, sensitive teeth and oral sores.

  1. Because CloSYS oral rinse is alcohol-free, it doesn’t burn, allowing the user to rinse longer for better results.


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