Advice from Weiss: Business Horoscopes

Advice from Weiss: Business Horoscopes

By Weiss Kelly, PMAFA


ARIES 3/21-4/20
October’s Libra sun and patterns will require a lot of compromising on your part, Aries. Like stairs, take one step at a time. Partnerships take top priority. Circle the new moon on October 25 to bring financial issues to light.
Personal power days: October 9 and October 10

TAURUS 4/21-5/20
The week of this month’s full moon (October 9) marks the best time to analyze and sort things out. The second half of October seems a bit calmer and more organized; so does your bank account. The costs of services and food continues to keep inflation high. Planets are playing economic hopscotch with the economy. Check the week of October 17 and see a median rents to hit record highs, including food and energy. This month offers no lack of social/business events.
Personal power days: October 11 and October 12

GEMINI 5/21-6/21
Make up for lost time. You’ll start your month off motivated. Stick to one or two plans and follow them. The most successful cycle starts on the week of October 11 and continues. Communicating comes easy as you excel in marketing and sales. Your sign is associated with transportation. You get off to a good start. Circle October 9 to October 25.
Personal power days: October 13, October 14 and October 15

CANCER 6/22-7/22
Those who work in construction or home design will have a good month. Planets are in a challenging pattern for some cancers. Money structure will have its ups and downs. Pay debts the first 10 days. Housing materials and real estate industry are going off the charts. The good news is you can focus more on your home life and family. With October’s eclipse on October 25, the month ahead will be powerful. There can be treats instead of tricks.
Personal power days: October 16 and October 17
LEO 7/23-8/22
Hopefully you will get a break with Mercury going direct on October 2 and the full moon on October 9. You will be anxious and motivated to get things going by the week of the October 10. Libra’s sun highlights activities. Enjoy the arts and interact with important contacts. Despite many conflicting happenings, the scene on Wall Street and globally could become intense and controlled by the Scorpio new moon on October 25 and threatening by October 23.
Personal power days: October 18, October 19 and October 20

VIRGO 8/23-9/22
The Libra sun may be putting pressure on your resources or budget or, heaven forbid, your investments this month. Mars is slowing down as Jupiter enters the planet Neptune. Things are a bit confusing, just like our economy. Expect to be doing a monetary juggling act these next two months. In November and December, take control of your time in terms of work and personal lives. Take time for social connecting October 1 to October 24.
Personal power days: October 21 and October 22

LIBRA 9/23-10/23
Happy birthday Libra! Compromising comes easily to you, and it is well supported in the years ahead. You will be successful this month if you approach challenges with an open mind. You will have exciting invitations this month. Dress your best and act your best. Control your spending when sun enters Scorpio on October 23.
Personal power days: October 23 and October 24

SCORPIO 10/24-11/21
October features the last two eclipses of 2022. You’ll be forced to do some soul searching and reevaluating. The current social and economic insecurities may force you to make new connections. Thinking of learning a new profession? Go for it. The Libra season introduces the start of the social season. Join in. There are plenty of opportunities. Lighten up before the storms approach.
Personal power days: October 25 and October 26

SAGITTARIUS 11/22-12/21
Sags are always open to new experiences and free choice. That may not happen right now, with Mars opposing your interests in the months ahead. Your sign identifies strongly with education, travel, legalities, law, foreign affairs, religion, spirituality and the military. Circle October 11 to October 31 on your social calendar.
Personal power days: October 1, October 27 and October 28

CAPRICORN 12/22-1/19
Your good work will pay off soon. The Libra season is active until the October 21. Invest your money in social or cultural activities. You’ll attract like-minded people with your new interests and expand your personal and professional circle. Past failures and challenges are almost over with as you approach a new work/business landscape in the spring. Don’t allow this month’s world crisis and government’s controlling ploys to discourage you.
Personal power days: October 2 and October 3

AQUARIUS 1/20-2/18
Learn to walk the talk. People and politics are your thing, and there’s no shortage of either beginning the week of October 11. Expect to be involved with opportunities and events. Early week may not bode well; use the second week to turn it around. You so need to move on.
Personal power days: October 4, October 5 and October 6

PISCES 2/19-3/20
Last month’s retrogrades and planetary discords were not waste of your time or effort. Starting October 28, you will be energized for eight weeks. Take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.
Personal power days: October 12, October 16 and October 22 

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