Adding Beds?: Banner seeks approval for hospital campus at Airpark

Adding Beds?: Banner seeks approval for hospital campus at Airpark

By J. Graber

A 300-bed hospital and medical center could become a reality at the northeast corner of Hayden Road and the Loop 101.

Banner Health has submitted a zoning application with the city to build the campus on 48 acres of land in the Scottsdale Airpark.

The project will be built in three phases over time that the application said would include, according to the application:

Phase 1: 385,000 square feet of hospital space that would include a five-story, 136-bed hospital tower with adjoining two-story diagnostic and treatment building housing emergency, surgical facility, laboratory, pharmacy and associated support services. It also would include a three-story, 120,000-square-foot medical office building and a ground-level helipad.

Phase 2: A 90,000-square-foot, three-story cancer center and a four-level parking structure.

Phase 3. To accommodate anticipated staff and patient volume growth, the final expansion of the hospital would include a new patient tower at the east end of the main building and additions to both the diagnostic and treatment building and parking structure. A secondary roof-mounted helipad is also planned for the east-wing patient tower.

The hospital’s four- and five-story patient towers are placed on the south end of the property to provide maximum visibility from the Loop 101 Freeway, while also providing separation from the closest residential neighborhoods that are located approximately a half-mile north of the property,” Banner says in the application.

Primary access will be off Hayden Road to the west with secondary access points off the Cavasson Boulevard extension to the north.

Landscaping will not include any turf or lawn area, and the campus will include outdoor patios and gardens as well as a walking trail throughout the campus, the application states.

Banner did not return calls or emails from the Scottsdale Airpark News, but the application states:

One of the main priorities in designing this campus for wellness and connectivity, is ensuring intuitive way finding and safe, efficient pedestrian paths. An additional priority is to lift the human spirit and support wellness through both the internal site design, and the orientation to the larger Scottsdale community.

To achieve these goals, two ‘green’ spines have been established on the campus, one in a north/south direction, and the other in an east/west direction, to provide connectivity between the buildings and the parking infrastructure, open spaces, and perimeter sidewalks.

Both spines connect into an overall wellness path that encircles the 48-acre property for a total length of over 1 mile. The walking path may be used for visitors and staff alike and will provide an excellent way of relieving stress.”

Parking will exceed city requirements by about 800 parking spaces and breaks down to four spaces per bed in the tower, four and a half spots per 1,000 square feet of medical office building space and five spots per 1,000 square feet of space in the cancer center.

The Banner Health medical campus is intended to expand the Banner Health network and serve as a new community health care resource for the existing and growing population in North Scottsdale and North Phoenix,” the application states.

The project is contingent upon an Arizona State Land Department Auction on November 16. Banner Health is slated to go before the Planning Commission December 14.

The health care giant is seeking:

A zoning map amendment to confirm the Arizona State Land Department’s allocation of the commercial office zoning for the property as allowed within the crossroads east planned community district.

A conditional use permit to allow a hospital use with helipads in a C-O zoning district.

Amendments to the city zoning ordinance to allow for an increase in the maximum allowed building height of a hospital to 94 feet.

The land department auction lists 48 acres with a minimum bid of just under $57 million. According to an appraisal by Terracon Consultants of Tempe, the site is bordered by native land to the north, a stormwater retention basin to the east, and Loop 101 to the south. West of the site is North Hayden Road, followed by a commercial building and two buildings under construction.

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