A Wholistic Approach: Health Inside Out individualizes treatment

A Wholistic Approach: Health Inside Out individualizes treatment

By Laura Latzko

Often, mental, physical and emotional health are tied to each other.

Airpark-based Health Inside Out seeks to help clients to heal, feel better and detox using a collection of modalities and programs. Wellness Director Angelo Alvarez says that’s what makes the practice special.

“We are on the cutting edge,” Alvarez says. “We use a variety of modalities that we piggyback off of each other to achieve amazing results.”

The facility takes a holistic approach, individualizing treatments for each patient. Among the treatments are cryotherapy, exercise with oxygen therapy, acupressure massage beds, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy, BrainTap-guided meditation, ozone and peptide therapy, shockwave therapy, Photon Genius infrared heat therapy, leg and body compression, IV nutrient therapy, nutrient injections, red light therapy, guided breathing and cupping therapy.

Clients can also have a number of massages, like deep tissue, Chi Nei Tsang and therapeutic massage. Another type is combined with a PEMF device that uses electromagnetic energy.

The center uses an InBody Test that takes types of weight measurements and a heart rate variability test that offers information on the central nervous system by looking at the interval between heartbeats.

The team — which also includes naturopathic medical Dr. Steven Sabatier and nutritionist/health coach and certified natural health practitioner Denise Cahill — centers its programs around detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging, performance and pain management.

“There’s anti-aging. There’s prevention. There’s immune boost. There is pain management,” Alvarez says. “I do all of that. There’s weight loss. This clinic, the way that it is designed could do multiple things and help with peaking performance, recovery, sleep disorders. We do a lot of stuff.”

Clients undergo nutrition and wellness consultations to determine the best course of action, which often includes changes to lifestyle such as eating healthier, exercising and getting more restful sleep.

The center offers memberships, some of which allow for unlimited use of 10 modalities while others are more limited.

“When a client comes in, depending on what their goals or concerns are, it will determine how we create the protocol,” Alvarez says.

“Let’s say you came in to me and you are ‘fight or flight.’ Very stressed out, very nervous. We start off by relaxing the nervous system. So, we start off with a PEMF. We’ll probably shock the system with a cold therapy and then put you in a PEMF after and start grounding you, retraining that neural pathway. If you have pain, something that we use is shockwave. It is acoustic sound therapy. That breaks down adhesions and calcifications.”

Health Inside Out’s rooms are divided by treatment. Clients can relax before or after modalities in a break room. Alvarez says it is important that clients feel comfortable when they come into the facility.

“Here you come into a place where you feel welcome, where you feel like you are at home, where you feel like you are safe,” Alvarez says.

“We have a certain ambiance. We are not traditional, not bright lights and fancy furniture. We make things feel comfortable, make it where every room is unique.”

The wellness center serves clients of all ages and backgrounds, including professional athletes. Alvarez says the center tries to help people to achieve health and wellness.

The staff also coaches, especially during cleaning and detoxification processes. Alvarez especially tries to create awareness on what foods are healthier and lets clients make their own decisions based on the information given.

“We don’t really dictate for you what to eat,” Alvarez says. “We educate you. The education is more making you aware to stay away from foods that are made in labs or processed and eating healthier foods that the body recognizes and thrives off from.”

Alvarez says that it is important for clients to put in the work and make lifestyle changes to achieve better results.

“If you are going to come in here looking for you not to be accountable for anything on your end and depend on something to help you, you are wasting your time and money,” Alvarez says.

“We’re not just a place that is going to tell you just keep coming and you will get better on your own. You’ve got to participate in something. If you want to lose weight but you have no self-control and are not active enough, we’ve got to get you active.”

Many times, clients will make simplistic changes that will yield improvement.

“It’s just getting you through the first hurdle,” Alvarez adds. “We can give you momentum. We can start making you feel good about yourself and make a little light peak out at the end of the tunnel so you have something to go for.”

Alvarez says the center tries to help clients by giving them the tools they need to be proactive about their physical, emotional and mental health and wellness.

“We are a wellness center,” Alvarez says.

“We help people to feel good. We don’t ‘treat’ anything, but we help with your mindset,” Alvarez said.

“We do a lot of healing here, whether it is emotional healing, creating emotional releases. Anything that is going to weaken your immune system — if you’re not eating well, if you’re drinking too much, if you’re not sleeping well — it’s like peeling an onion. Everyone is unique. We treat everyone individually here. There is not one program for all.”

Cohen says the modalities have helped her scoliosis and joint issues as well as with depression and anxiety.

“It’s more emotional and more mental,” Cohen says. “You do the exercise, but it is more emotional. It’s more about taking care of yourself as a whole body.

“It does take a different approach. It is more trying to help your body heal itself. That’s really the main goal is making your body healthy from the inside and be able to radiate that throughout the body.”


Health Inside Out

9393 N. 90th Street, Suite 108B, Scottsdale

480-447-3131, healthinsideout.com

11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays

9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesdays and Fridays

10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays

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