A Rare Gem in The World of Fine Jewelry

A Rare Gem in The World of Fine Jewelry

By Lynette Carrington

Founded in 1971, E.D. Marshall Jewelers has always been focused on customers and ensuring a solid selection of fine jewelry. Over the last 40 years, it has become one of the most respected names in the business, offering a distinctive inventory of jewelry along with related services.

“Ed started the business based on customer satisfaction, good quality and having a great selection of jewelry. Because of those values, we have grown and grown,” says Scottsdale associate David Nelson. When the business started, it sold a lot of Native American jewelry, but since that time moved toward high-end jewelry while providing pieces to places such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Marshall Field’s and Capriccio Fine Jewelry.

“We have the largest selection of G.I.A.-Certified diamonds in the state as well as 28 different watch brands that we carry, and pre-owned watches too.  We do retail, repairs, designing and manufacturing for other companies. You name it, we do just about everything having to do with jewelry,” says Nelson.

Some of the higher-end watches carried at E.D. Marshall includes Ulysse Nardin, Blancpain, Glashutte and Clerc. “But we also have some entry level brands such as Tissot, Victorinox Swiss Army and Gc Watches. We have watches ranging from a couple hundred dollars to several hundred thousand dollars.”

E.D. Marshall Jewelers is known for creating some of the most breathtaking jewelry for socialites and celebrities and applying that same level of attention to every customer. Whether it’s a new jewelry buy or a re-fashion of an older piece by one of the in-house designers, customers are promised a one-of-a-kind experience.

A unique collection of vintage and heirloom jewelry is available at E.D. Marshall. “We have about 10 cases in our store that is just estate jewelry. There is always something interesting here,” Nelson notes. “We have our designer brands, our personal designs and custom creations. We do a lot of second-hand buying where people sell things they’re not into anymore or they need to come up with some cash, so we have our estate jewelry.” One unique item currently gracing the estate case is a bracelet from the late 1800s, boasting nearly 30 carats of old European-cut diamonds. The collection of estate jewelry changes weekly.

The gold- and gem-buying program has been in place since 1971. “We’re not new to it, and as a jeweler, we need this stuff. Some things we buy as a piece and we’ll turn around and sell it. We’re paying for the gold, the stones and the labor,” Nelson says. “When we’re buying something for materials, we need those materials.  We’re going to pay more typically for it than a lot of these little ‘We Buy Gold’ places.” In fact, other jewelers in town often turn around and sell their gold to E. D. Marshall Jewelers.

E.D. Marshall supports its community, donating to charities locally as well as nationwide. “This business is one that’s been around for years. We’ve been huge donors to a lot of different organizations. In fact, we probably get about 30 requests a week,” says Nelson. “We try to be fair in everything we do, whether it’s in business or in dealing with the community as a whole.”

Mr. E.D. Marshall is still devoted to his business, and customers will find him working in his beloved store every day—even on Sundays after hiking Squaw Peak.


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