A Pop of Color: Paddy O’Furniture keeps busy with a new line and charitable moves

A Pop of Color: Paddy O’Furniture keeps busy with a new line and charitable moves

By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

While the Midwest is slammed with winter storm warnings, the Valley is preparing for patio season.

In honor of that, 33-year-old Airpark-based Paddy O’Furniture recently launched Peninsula Cushion, a collection of sleek, lightweight designs.

“We listened to a lot of feedback from our customers asking us for more sleek and modern designs,” says Zach McMillen, president of Paddy O’Furniture.

“We started designing and came up with something that was a good fit for the new homes being built.”

The 17 furniture pieces come in a trendy graphite color. Popular pieces include the cuddle chaise lounge, sectionals and swivel dining chairs.

The pieces are powder-coated aluminum, which calls for uniformly sized micro-beads of polyester that are electrostatically charged to adhere to the base material. The coating’s viscosity resembles the thickness of an epoxy paint, but because it is electrostatically charged and then baked onto the aluminum, it does not flake or peel. Aluminum also does not rust, further protecting the pieces from the unpredictable Arizona weather.

“They have more of a straight line,” McMillen says. “It’s called our graphite finish. It has really clean lines. They’re smooth with no real curves. They have a unique look, and they’re a little bit lower to the ground and creates a luxury resort feel for balconies, decks and backyards. Our Bliss cushions allow you to personalize it with 14 colors.

“Traditionally, people would want a neutral color, but they’re experimenting more with bold colors, spa-like colors — light turquoise and grays. There’s a trend toward those types of colors and greens as well. They’re embracing color a little bit more. Sunset is the newest color. It’s a bright coral that’s starting to pick up some traction. We’re excited to see that.”

McMillen is well schooled in patio trends. The native Phoenician who graduated from Paradise Valley High School has been with the company since he was 16.

“I’ve done pretty much every job on the back end of the company and worked my way up to the president,” he says.

McMillen chalks up Paddy O’Furniture’s success to his and the staff’s availability to listen to customers and its sales team. It’s that trait that led to the new line.

“We take feedback very seriously,” he says. “We listen to our sales team and, in turn, we listen to our customers. We take that to heart and see if we have anything to fulfill their requests. If not, it’s an opportunity to meet the customers’ needs. We’re constantly changing so we can stay on trend.

“We also listen to the employees, and they help make it a better company, from product introductions to improved consumer-friendly policies. We have risk-free deposits. There are no questions asked. Customers can return the furniture within 30 days.”

Paddy O’Furniture recently added pops of color to the West Valley’s New Life Center to the tune of more than $53,000 worth of furniture in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

New Life Center is the largest domestic violence shelter in Maricopa County. It serves more than 1,000 children and adults annually through an emergency shelter and outreach support program.

Fifty-four furniture pieces were donated during the company’s visit to New Life Center’s meditation garden and outdoor dining area.

In the garden, there are new chaise lounges, rocking chairs and padded sling chairs from the new Patriot Collection, made in Arizona from recycled milk jugs and other plastics, along with several ends and coffee tables.

In the dining area, Paddy O’Furniture replaced the existing picnic tables with Cobblestone natural stone dining tables and 30 Patriot Collection padded-sling dining chairs. Five bistro-style table and chair sets were also donated.

“NLC is doing incredible work in our community, and we’re so excited to be a small part of that,” McMillen says. “We wanted to create spaces at the shelter where residents can relax and enjoy moments of peace comfortably in furniture that will last for years.”

Paddy O’Furniture also hosted an employee food donation drive at all seven Valley locations as well as sponsored a lunch for residents. Hundreds of nonperishable food and health items were collected.

“Keeping up with maintenance for a 104-bed facility is always a challenging task for us,” says Myriah Mhoon, New Life Center chief executive officer. “This amazingly generous donation from Paddy O’ has transformed our outdoor spaces, and we are so grateful for their support in helping to keep survivors of intimate partner violence safe and happy at our shelter.”

This donation is the first in the company’s pledge to help Arizona nonprofits with monetary and in-kind gifts over the years to come.

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