A New Look: Consignment shops are  perfect for post-pandemic  redecorating

A New Look: Consignment shops are perfect for post-pandemic redecorating

By Laura Latzko

he consignment furniture industry in Scottsdale has been booming as more people move to the Valley or discover they want to redesign their home after quarantining in it for a year.

The Scottsdale Airpark area is a prime location to find consignment stores that fit with different styles and themes.

Despite challenges during COVID-19, these local shops continued to serve new and returning customers.

Scottsdale consignment shops sell gently used items for every room in the house.

Airpark shops’ buyers and consignors can find or sell sofas, end and coffee tables, dining room tables, bookshelves, armchairs, artwork and a plethora of other items with which to decorate a home.

Local female entrepreneurs own many of these shops. During the pandemic, they found ways to not only survive but expand.

Stevans Fine Furniture Consignment

Amanda Baldwin is the woman behind Stevans Fine Furniture Consignment, which boasts an Old World, Spanish Colonial, Tuscan vibe.

In the business for 20 years, Baldwin is carrying on a three-generation tradition in the fine furniture industry. Her grandmother owned a shop from the ’90s to 2007, which Baldwin helped manage.

Her grandmother helped her develop an appreciation and passion for high-end furniture, accessories and artwork.

Baldwin opened her first Stevans location eight years ago, but moved to its space on Paradise Lane last August.

Baldwin says along with its central location, the new building fits better with the Stevans aesthetic.

“I feel like the building we were in before wasn’t a good reflection of what was inside. I feel like we finally have a building that the outside mirrors what the inside looks like. It has an Old World, Mediterranean charm to it. There’s a lot of wrought iron, high ceilings, arches. It’s just a beautiful space,” Baldwin says.

The business has expanded from a 10,000- to 22,000-square-foot showroom with the new building that allows her to carry items like a 6-by-5-foot crystal chandelier. Another space houses the Gallery Shops, subleased to dealers who sell items such as antiques, gifts, contemporary furniture, artwork and Native American home décor and jewelry.

“Having more dealers in one space brings more clientele and a diversity of clientele,” says Baldwin, who maintained her staff during the pandemic.

Stevans’ inventory includes chandeliers, four-poster and canopy beds, nightstands, armoires, vases, candleholders, dining room tables, dinner sets, plants, fine china, mirrors, desks, rugs, game tables and arm and club chairs. 

The shop often has rare items like a hand-inlaid table from Italy, a large-scale bronze fountain adorned with cherubs, a pair of 14-foot-tall urns on pedestals from Belgium and a hand-carved, four-column mirror. 

Baldwin has found demand is especially high for beds, sofas and dining room tables. 

“They were spending more time on their sofa,” Baldwin says

“They are having more family gatherings. The same with the dining room table. More people are using spaces they never used before.”

Although Baldwin has a Spanish contemporary-style home, she has showcased artwork, furniture, crystal chandeliers and bronzes in her home. Her grandmother was a collector of bronzes, original artwork, sterling and fine crystals.

In September, Stevans ventured into furniture manufacturing. Baldwin’s grandmother’s shop manufactured furniture items such as sofas, ottomans, chairs and beds.

Baldwin has recently noticed a growing need for patio furniture, where demand has exceeded supply.

“The patio furniture that we were getting, the quality was there, but we weren’t getting enough of it. And we weren’t getting it quick enough. So, we decided to start manufacturing our own line. I’ve always had a passion to be a furniture designer. I thought this was a good entrance into that,” Baldwin says.

Stevans Fine Furniture Consignment 

7995 E. Paradise Lane, Scottsdale

480-607-0143, stevansaz.com

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